For those who collect the finest of writing instruments, Cruiser brings a number of stunning Luxury pens. Some of these writing wonders have been exquisitely crafted with valuable materials and precious stones.

Quality and superior craftsmanship has always been in vogue among the elite. Keeping this in mind, Cruiser introduced its first luxurious set of sophisticated writing instruments called “Inspiration Collection”. Cruiser brings home the essence of Germany made with resolve, determination, precision, discipline and connoisseur, with its “Makellos Collection”. Crafted through a time-tested mechanism, Makellos is tuned to deliver brilliance through lavishness and conceit. The unique finish of “Cruiser Brilliance” with Swarovski CZ stones engraved on the perfectly shaped sterling silver 925 makes this a stunning looking ball point pen, a collector’s must-have. Meticulous detailing and flawless symmetry, “Chrom Collection” is a perfect accessory to express your classy personality. It adapts to your writing style in seconds to give you an effortlessly smooth writing.

“Cruiser” nourishes and promotes the luster of your success . Each of its product bears testimony to pithy designing details, ease of use and unprecedented writing pleasure. “It’s a beauty to behold and an honour to own”.

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